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Wayne’s Music 16/17 June 2012.  The extraordinary John D Loudermilk.

Sittin In The Balcony            Loudermilk recording under the name of Johnny Dee in 1957.

A Rose And A baby Ruth                 George Hamilton 4th crashed into the top 10 in 1956 and started his long and illustrious country music career.

Tobacco Road                Loudermilk had a pleasantly passable voice, but his early records were not worth much, often looked upon as being lightweight and idiotically humourous, but “Tobacco Road” was a different story – a stark stomping tale of hard-bitten southern poverty with a blues flavour which the British Invasion group The Nashville Teens      explored to the hilt in their hard rocking cover in 1964.     

Asiatic Flu                   John D Loudermilk recording as Ebe Sneezer and His Epidemics – just one of the many names he used in various groups –

We Should Be Together                   -The Chordettes'

Turn me On                   Norah Jones with probably the most covered song from Loudermilk’s catalogue –

1000 Concrete Blocks            John D Loudermilk when he was recording for Colonial during 1957, backed by the Blue Notes.

This Little Bird               Marianne faithful.

 Indian reservation                 Paul revere And The Raiders

Angela Jones              Johnny ferguson with the song Loudermilk wrote about a girl he met when he took a course in ballroom dancing.  He wrote the song using her name as a title, but never found out what she thought about it, because he did not see her again. 

Weep No More My baby                Brenda Lee – a sweet song which Brenda Lee included in her “Sweet Nothin’s LP in 1959. I

Language of Love                John D Loudermilk’s best known pop hit, recorded under his own name – in 1961. 

Ebony Eyes                 Everly brothers. 

God Will                       Johnny Cash           with another strong impressive Loudermilk song – the way a good gospel number should be.

They Were Right                  Johnny Dee and The Bluenotes

Mr Jones                     Scott Engel

This Cold War With You               which Loudermilk once described as the first GOOD record he made.  It was released in 1958.

 ’d Like To be Alone              Arnie Derksen, a Canadian Rockabilly artist recorded 3 Loudermilk songs, of which only one was released in 1959 and the two others 30 years later.


Wayne’s Music Sunday 17 June 2012.  The music of John D Loudermilk.  PART ONE.

He’s My Dreamboat             Connie Francis with a perfect example of the sappier pop side of John D Loudermilk. 

Sittin’ In The Balcony           Eddie Cochran.

The Great Snowman            a hit for several big names of the 50s and 60s but here’s John D’s original rendition.      

Throwin Kisses           rockabilly man Bob Luman had a huge hit with the Great Snowman, and here’s another Loudermilk song he took to great heights.                        

 Half breed                  Ricky Nelson put this John D song out on one of his hot selling albums in 1959.   


Abilene                        George Hamilton the 4th  - a #1 for 4 weeks in 1963, and in recent years George Hamilton has released a parody of his hit song, called “Gasoline” in the height of soaring petrol prices in The US.

Tobacco Road             John D released this song in 1960 based on a place in East Durham where he grew up – the hogsheads of tobacco were rolled down to the warehouse, and the place was so rough, the Police would not venture there at night.  Originally the song was done in a “folksy” style before many, many artists gave it the soul and blues treatment.

heaven Fell Last Night          the Loudermilk song that was on the flip side of the Brown’s biggest hit “The Three Bells”. 

Midnight Bus             here’s the definitive killer version of Midnight Bus recorded in Australia by Scottish-born Betty McQuade with great backing by melbourne’s Thunderbirds.  Her 1961 version of the Loudermilk song is amongst the best covers of his work. 

Why Not            The Everly Brothers

Norman             one of many Loudermilk novelty numbers which Sue Thompson made her own

Song Of The Lonely Teen              he understood what it was to be a teenager in the 1940s and 50s – he was one himself when he w rote a lot of these songs.

 He’s Just A Scientist (That’s all)            Connie Francis

 Mary’s No Longer Mine                          John D Loudermilk.

Top 40, News, Weather & Sports             Mark Dinning

Jimmy’s Song            John D Loudermilk

Amigo’s Guitar          Kitty Wells

The Red Headed Stranger             John Loudermilk

Calling Dr Casey                      Dr Casey was a medical drama series which ran on American Television from 1961 to 1966, starring Vince Edwards as Dr Ben Casey.

Somebody Sweet              released under Johnny Dee and The Blue Notes

Tobacco Road             Johnny Duncan – yet another one of the many renditions of Loudermilk’s “Tobacco Road”

Blue Train (Of The Heartbreak Line)    

Sad Movies                           Sue Thompson With her lighthearted and breathy voice, Thompson became a favorite among the teenage crowd of the time, even though she was in her late thirties.