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Wayne’s Music 21/22 July 2012.  50s Originals – still the greatest.

 He Will Break Your Heart                  Jerry Butler co-wrote this end of the 50s number with Calvin Carter and Curtis Mayfield and it enjoyed a seven week stay at the top of the Rhythm and Blues Chart in the US. 

 Friendship Ring              here’s one from Patty Andrews (the lead vocalist of the Andrews Sisters, when she embarked on a brief solo career in the 50s

Let’s Have A Wonderful Time  here’s a real memory from that pioneering British TV Show called Six-Five Special.  It made its debut in February 1957, and what a party it was.  It was noisy, it was brash, it was chaotic, and the high-brow press hated it.  But british youngsters immediately recognized it as their own and took it to their hearts.  The scene at the recording session was fantastic – and right in the thick of it was The John Barry Seven.  

Freight Train            Nancy Whiskey with The Chas McDevitt Skiffle Group – the Glaswegian singer was reluctant to give up her solo career, but decided to join up with the Skiffle Group anyway – to record Elizabeth Cotton’s wonderful song “Freight Train”.

The Bold Black Knight    from a Scottish singer to an Irish one, Rose Brennan sang with British bandleader Joe Loss, and one of her most sought after recordings was The Whistling Gypsy (or Gypsy Rover) which she recorded under the title The Bold Black Knight because that’s how it was released in the United States to tie in with an Alan Ladd movie.

hernando’s Hideaway             The Johnson brothers  - formed by Londoner Johnny Johnson in 1949. 

Little Boy Blue                Bobby Blue Bland – one of the originals of the “Beale Streeters” – he’s often called the “Lion Of The Blues” 

My Favourite Song                   Lily Ann Carol, a predecessor of Keely Smith as vocalist with Louis prima during the 40s.

Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay Danny and The Juniors – four 13 and 14 year old boys from Philadelphia were on top of the world with their #1 “At The Hop” – and the follow up was prophetic in its declaration of rock and roll’s longevity, especially when many thought rock music was a passing fad in 1958.    

Keep A Knockin                The Everly Brothers, putting their distinctive harmony on a real oldie – from the 1920s - 

Caribbean           Roberta Lee  -

Western Movies               The Olympics Originally called Walter Ward and the Challengers - a name change gave them a #8 Billboard hit - #12 in the UK. 

Love Letters In The Sand                Pat Boone with a song that dates back to 1931 …

Taking The Trains Out                  Lola Dee with a band called Captain Stubby and The Buccaneers. 

Rose Marie                  Slim Whitman  “The Smiling Starduster” With 11 weeks at the top of the UK charts in 1955, the song set a record that lasted for 36 years.       

Love You Most Of All                Sam Cooke was all over the US Charts in 1958 with his perfectly controlled soul voice, before his glittering career was cruelly curtailed in a Los Angeles Motel in 1964.   

A certain Smile                    Sunny Gale – the original Wheel Of Fortune Girl gave Johnny Mathis a run for his money with her version of what many claimed to be Mathis’s signature song.

When            identical twins Herbert and Harold Kalin were actually in their mid 20’s when they had their career hit “When”

Strike While The iron is Hot   Red Foley  - The Barnyard Bing Crosby struck gold with this number in 1957.


Wayne’s Music Sunday 22 July 2012.  50s originals – still the greatest PART ONE.

Dixie Danny                The one hit wonders of an eight year recording career – The Laurie Sisters. Gretta, Phyllis, and Carolyn scored a top 40 hit with Dixie Danny in 1955 and toured until 1970.

Cradle Of Love               Johnny Preston – with an excellent follow up to “Running Bear”

 ma He’s Making Eyes At me           The Godfather of Rhythm and Blues – Johnny Otis was a bit of everything in the music business in the 40s – then he made a spectacular comeback in the 50s with singer Marie Adams, and his band credited as the Johnny Otis Show.

You Will Find Your Love In Paris -    one from the Waltz Queen  Patti Page .                                            

The Dam Busters March       The Central Band Of The RAF play the music that is synonymous with Operation Chastise when in 1943 The RAF’s 617 Squadron attacked three dams in Germany in the hope of crippling German heavy industry.  Eric Coates march was not actually written for the film and had in fact been completed a few days before he was contacted by the producers.


It feels So Right                 Elvis Presley.  Of the 32 films that Elvis shot between 1956 and 1969, none are quite as strange as the oddly effective “Tickle me” in 1965.

Lonely Teardrops             a great 1958 classic from the one and only Jackie Wilson.

The Brush Off            Mary Small American singer and actress, billed as "The Little Girl with the Big Voice", popular in 1930s as a child singer.

Over And Over              Bobby Day with a flip side that was overshadowed by “Rockin Robin” … but The Dave Clark Five did revive Days song eight years later in 1965.   

 Mambo Italiano            Rosemary Clooney           

Mule Skinner Blues                The Fendermen 

You’re Gonna Flip Mom                 Jeri Southern.  Of all the glamourous singers of the 50s, one of the greatest was Jeri Southern, Genevieve Lillian hering from Nebraska.  

 yes, Tonight Josephine                   Johnny Ray notched up another #1 with this Mitch Miller produced number in 1957. 

 If I’m Dreamin Just let me Dream                Brenda Lee The song was recorded the same evening as "Sweet Nothin's", 13 August 1959.

Nobody But You              bit more soul breakout  from Dee Clark in 1958. 

Aw C’Mon                  April Stevens  (without brother Nino Tempo this time).

Mathilda                       Cookie And His Cupcakes with their swamp pop voodoo on a calypso tune called “Mathilda”.  

Seventeen           Boyd Bennett And His Rockets aiming directly at the teen market in 1955

The Fish             Mindy Carson doing that new Dance THE FISSSSHHH!

Red Light                Boots Randolph. Was a major part of the “Nashville Sound” for most of his professional career. 

My Pledge To You             Carl Dobkins Jr and his backing group The Seniors.

Winter Warm              Gale Storm  - one of the BIG names of the era we’re covering tonight …

 I’ll Come Running Back To You     Sam Cooke with one of several hits he had with songwriter and Record Company owner Bob Keene.

Need Your Love       Bobby Freeman had a grounding in California doo-wop groups before becoming a rock and roller.