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Wayne’s Music 8th/9th February 2014.  More Fabulous Flips from 1960.

‘Along The Navajo Trail           Sam Cooke …with a song you’d expect to hear from Bing Crosby, Dinah Shore or The Andrews Sisters, since it was written in the 1940s. 

‘ It Would Be Worth It’            Connie Francis with a top quality B-side …it was on the backside of her single Valentino in 1960. 

‘All Is Well’                    Johnny Mathis – did not record a lot of Jerry leiber and Mike Stoller’s songs,  but the number suits Mathis’ style and classy recording production

‘Weep No More My baby’       Brenda Lee with a John D Loudermilk song used on the back of “sweet Nothin’s”. 

‘Tra-La I’m In Love’                Max Bygraves – did well with some of the Hit songs f rom “Oliver, Lionel Bart’s Musical

 ‘If You Need Me’                    Fats Domino  with what was released in the US as an A side, but the song on the other side of the record was “Country Boy” which was released in The UK as an A Side.

‘Nick Teen And Al K Hall’                 Rolf Harris … if you’ve ever wondered what was on the flip side of Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport – this was it. 

‘Little Child’                   The England Sisters working with John Barry a few years before he would branch out into film music –

‘Sho’ Know A Lot About Love’         The Hollywood Argyles …

‘Goodnight My Love’               Ray Peterson with a cover of Jesse Belvin’s Rhythm and Blues huit of 1956. 

‘I Am A Heart’                         Jane Morgan with more easy-listening material, kind of a cabaret feel about this B side she made in New York in 1960. 

‘The Golden Vanity’                 Lonnie Donegan …with one of the ancient folk songs he came across in his research for traditional material. 

‘I Wanna Be Loved By You’              Marty Wilde – struggling with an identity crisis when he recorded this song from the 1928 Musical “Good Boy”

‘Girls Were Made To Love And Kiss’          Anthony Newley was no stranger to straight pop, novelty comic material, stage musicals and slightly off the wall treatment of familiar material – he gives a jazzy treatment to Franz Lehar’s song from the Operetta “Paganini” .

‘Papa Loves mama’                  Anne Shelton with a French song  with English lyrics added …

‘In A mansion Stands My Love’         Jim Reeves with the back side of his massive hit “He’ll have To Go” …

‘Be Bop A Lula’                       The Everly Brothers with an excellent version of Gene Vincent’s classic from 1956. 

‘The Party’s Over’                   Shirley Bassey – a natural for a song like this and it makes a wonderful B-side –

‘Right By My Side’                  Ricky Nelson with one of many songs provided by writer Baker Knight used on the B side of Nelson’s hit “Young Emotions”. 

‘Brazil’                                     Frank Sinatra.working with Billy may in 1960 –

Wayne’s Music Sunday 9 February 2014.  Those fabulous flip sides of 1960.

‘Here Comes That Song Again’         Roy Orbison with the other side of his huge first hit “Only The Lonely’ …

 ‘Cut Across Shorty’      a classic from Eddie Cochran – a country-flavoured rock and roll gem that hardly sees the light of day now.

‘So In Love’         Shirley Bassey  on the back of her showstopper from Oliver “As Long As he Needs me” …

‘Sh-Boom (Life Could Be A dream)’  Stan Freberg doing what he did best – spoofing the big ones. 

‘These Are The Things You Are’        Tommy Sands who started out in showbiz as early as 1949 and became an instant teen idol when he appeared on Television Theatre in the “Singing idol” in 1957.


‘The I Love You Bit’                Alma Cogan with a Lionel Bart song –

‘Sunday’               The Four Lads used this as the B side to their biggie “Standing On The Corner”.

‘Why Why Why’            Craig Douglas with more of his teen pop stuff working with The Johnny Spence Orchestration.

‘Talk Talk Talk’              Frankie Avalon – used to have a teen-oriented pop song on the A side – and throw a jazz-flavoured big band number on the B Side. 
 ‘jealous Of You’            Connie Francis recorded in several languages for a variety of International markets, and being of Italian extraction, this would have been a breeze for America’s most successful pop singer of the 50s and 60s. 

‘Never Let me Go’                   Lloyd price with a B-side that’s a bit of a contrast to his uptempo Rhythm and Blues hit songs. 

‘Little Boy Blue’             Steve Lawrence

‘City Of Tears’               Johnny Preston the Running Bear man with a B-side also written by The Big Bopper J P Richardson …

‘In All My Wildest Dreams’                Lonnie Donegan was coming up with unusual and top-quality material during his heyday in 1960.

‘Lorelei’                Ella Fitzgerald with the B-side to Mack The Knife.  The Gershwins wrote this in 1933 for their musical “Pardon My English”.

‘After Hours Blues’                  Hal Paige and The Whalers – knew a thing or two about Rhythm and Blues.

‘Dream Talk’                  Michael Holiday with The Norrie Paramor orchestra in his heyday as Britian’s answer to Bing Crosby. 

‘The Waiter And The porter and The Upstairs Maid’        a song from the movie The Birth Of The Blues in which it was performed by Bing Crosby, Mary Martin and Jack Teagarden – The King Brothers B side version lacks some jazz authenticity maybe. 

‘Always It’s You’ The Everly Brothers – possibly not their most memorable number, but it’s a well-produced B side from their favourite song suppliers Boudleaux and Felice Bryant. 

‘When I’m With You’              Helen Shapiro on the back side of “Don’t Treat me Like A Child” when she was just 14. 

‘Souveinir Of mexico’              Ben E King back to his lead singing days with The Drifters

‘Swing Down Chariot’    a superb live performance of the traditional spiritual from The Four Preps. 

‘Someday You’ll Want Me To Want You’             Brook Benton with his terrific cover version of a 1944 song – revived by Ricky nelson in 1958. 

‘I’m Falling In love With You Tonight’         a love song before we go tonight … Connie Francis

‘Back Home’                  The Shadows