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Monday 3 December - The Surrogates Club
In Canada, many women volunteer to give birth to a stranger's child and do not get paid in return. Under Canadian laws, gestational surrogates receive only expenses in exchange for getting pregnant and carrying a baby for nine months. There is an altruistic surrogacy model in place, radically different from commercial surrogacy in other countries. The BBC’s Valeria Perasso follows the surrogates as they navigate the emotional challenges of giving life to a baby that they will say goodbye to after birth, and meets the families who will welcome home these special babies. (BBC)

Tuesday 4 December  - Migrants Mean Business
Being brought up in a family of Greek migrants, Kim Tserkezie is fascinated by how different people find their place in their adopted home. In this documentary, Kim explores how migrants have used their entrepreneurial skills to become part of British communities and finds out whether the experiences of successful businesses accrued over generations, still resonate with migrants arriving today. (BBC)

Wednesday 5 December -  Why the Heat about Meat?
Why do we get so angry when we talk about food? When conversation turns to meat in particular, it doesn’t take long for debate to become heated and emotive. Voices get louder. Insults are hurled. Death threats are issued. In our feature after the news at one, Emily Thomas asks what is it about meat that gets people so mad? And. . .How are conversations around what we eat manipulated for political and personal gain? (BBC)


Thursday 6 December - Nigeria's Patient 'Prisoners
In Nigeria, very few health services are free of charge, and campaigners estimate that thousands have been detained in hospitals for failing to pay their bills. It has become an increasingly high-profile issue – one couple have been awarded compensation after going through the courts. For Assignment, Linda Pressly meets the victims and doctors, and the hospital managers trying to manage their budgets in a health system under pressure. (BBC)