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Windows on the World for the week commencing 11 July 2011

Monday 11 July: Korea's People Smugglers

The shadowy world of the brokers who smuggle people out of North Korea. Defecting from North Korea is a dangerous business. It comes at a high price and there's no guarantee of success. Lucy Williamson meets some of the brokers in Seoul who make a living helping people escape North Korea

Tuesday 12 July: America's Own Extremists (Part 2 of 2)

America is facing a resurgent threat from violent right-wing groups. The militia movement – a loose collection of groups united by their opposition to the federal government - lost steam 15 years ago after its adherents killed 168 people in Oklahoma City. But now an emboldened right wing has given the movement new life. Jonny Dymond goes inside the militia renewal.

Wednesday 13 July: The Bosphorus (Part 1 of 3)

The Bosphorus is the stretch of water that marks the meeting point of Europe and Asia. Flowing through the heart of Istanbul in Turkey, the Bosphorus has been a flash point between cultures, religions and imperial powers for thousands of years; from the Roman and Byzantine Empires, to the clash between Islam and Christianity and the Cold War between the super powers of the East and West. Edward Stourton looks at that rich history and how the Bosphorus works today.

Thursday 14 July: The Big House (Part 2 of 2)

The second part in the series looking at the rehabilitation of young Aboriginals in a prison in South Australia. Sharon Mascall has spent months following 18 young men – mostly Aboriginal – who are serving time at Port Augusta prison. To the men featured in the programme the jail is 'The Big House': a rite of passage, which has become ingrained in their culture. Sharon Mascall follows the men as they learn to tell themselves a different story about their past and present, hopefully beginning the process of transforming their future.