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Windows on the World for the week commencing 7 November 2011

Monday 7 November: Doing Business in Russia

Three businessmen tell Peter Day about doing business in Russia.  William Browder was an investment fund manager in the country who campaigned, with some success, against corruption and left the country, having moved all his company’s assets out, in 2007. He tells Peter Day about his experiences. And two current directors of companies in Moscow discuss what they think they can do to improve corporate governance there. (BBC)

Tuesday 8 November: Crisis at St Paul's

Jane Little reports on the crisis at St Paul's Cathedral in London following the protests by groups opposed to corporate excess. In a special Heart & Soul Documentary, she asks, How has the Church of England responded to the protestors camped outside the building and to the ethical and religious issues that it has raised? (BBC)

Wednesday 9 November: Spain's Stolen Baby Scandal

Spain is reeling from an avalanche of allegations of baby theft and baby trafficking. It is thought that the trade began at the end of the Spanish civil war and continued for 50 years, with hundreds of thousands of babies traded by nuns, priests and doctors up to the 1990s. Across Spain, people are queuing up to take a DNA test and thousands of Spaniards are asking 'Who am I?'  BBC correspondent  Katya Adler meets the heartbroken mothers searching for their children and the trafficked babies, now grown up, searching for their biological relatives and their true identities. (BBC)

Thursday 10 November: Asia's Next Disaster (BBC)

As Bangkok suffered its worst floods for decades, this week's edition of  the BBC Environmental programme, The BBC’s One Planet host Mike Williams reports from the city where  residents try to cope with an occurrence that's becoming increasingly familiar to millions of people around the region, and  chairs a debate on the subject of how prepared is Asia to face natural disasters. (BBC)