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Monday 5 December - Mass Customisation and the Experience Economy

Joe Pine's career as a business coach began at IBM when he brought business partners and customers into the development process of a new computer. Taking from this the lesson that every customer is unique, he wrote a book called Mass Customization on businesses that serve customers' unique needs. And later he would coin the phrase the 'Experience Economy' - consumers buying experiences rather than goods or commodities. Peter Day hears about Joe Pine’s latest ideas and new book in this week's Global Business.

Tuesday 6 December - Out in the World (Part 1 of 2)

A two-part series in which Richard Coles confronts accusations that the West is attempting to force gay rights on Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Most Western states are keen to spread gay equality around the globe. But some local political and religious leaders often claim that homosexuality is a foreign import – leading to charges that the West is engaged in a new form of imperialism.

Wednesday 7 December - The Missing In Kashmir

Thousands of bodies have been buried in unmarked graves in Indian administered Kashmir. Who are these people and what happened to them? For Assignment Jill McGivering reports on the human cost of the conflict in Kashmir.

Thursday 8 December - Alice Herz Sommer

Now 108 years old, concert pianist Alice Herz Sommer has led an extraordinary life. She was born into a musical Jewish family in Prague and started playing the piano at the age of three. Alice's gift for music saved her from despair in the Nazi concentration camp at Terezin where thousands of prisoners died. She spent two years there with her six year old son Raphael.  Her husband died in Auschwitz shortly before the end of the war, and her son Raphael Sommer, a gifted cellist and conductor, died in 2002; but Alice continues to lead a life filled with music, friends and family.