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Monday 7 May: Soap Operas - Art Imitating Life (Part 2 of 2)

Soap operas have helped many countries to address a variety of social issues in recent decades. But has it done any good? Tamsim Greig presents a programme that talks to people around the worlds about the social success of carefully targeted soap operas from Vanuatu to America's southern states, from Rwanda to Afghanistan.

Tuesday 8 May: Danger in the Download (Part 1 of 3)

Ed Butler assesses the ever-increasing threats from hackers and cyber weapons, and what can be done to protect internet users.

Wednesday 9 May: Dragon's Den

Peter Day reports from China where political strife is in the news. But behind the headlines cracks are appearing in the country's long economic boom. Or is it just business as usual?

Thursday 10 May: A Death in Honduras

A profile of the People's Funeral Service in Honduras, the most murderous nation on earth.