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Monday 21 May: Uganda - Return of the Child Soldiers

Northern Uganda, for over 20 years a no-go area because of a brutal insurgency by one of Africa's most-feared rebel militias, the Lord's Resistance Army under Joseph Kony, is back in the news after falling off the radar.  In this BBC documentary Paul Bakibinga travels to his home country, Uganda, to find out how young people brutalised by the Lord's Resistance Army are working to overcome their trauma.

Tuesday 22 May: Danger in the Download

Ed Butler assesses the ever-increasing threats from hackers and cyber weapons, and what can be done to protect internet users.In this, the final episode he investigates the many internet stakeholders. What can governments do to protect the net? And what can we do?

Wednesday 23 May: Through The Mill

In the 19th century the Lancashire cotton industry was at the heart of the world's industrial revolution and the main engine of the British economy. In the 20th century it started a long decline. Today a few remaining textile manufacturers are finding ways of surviving huge global competition. Peter Day finds out how they are doing it.

Thursday 24 May: Ziggy Changed My Life

Gary Kemp - founder and guitarist of Spandau Ballet - presents this programme which marks the 40th anniversary of one of the most influential albums ever recorded - David Bowie's The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spider from Mars, which was released on 6 June 1972. Ziggy Stardust is one of rock's most iconic creations and his music has influenced thousands of musicians all over the world. Gary finds out how David Bowie created Ziggy, how the album was recorded, how it changed his life and the influence it had, and still has, on several generations of musicians.