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Monday 18 June: For Sale

The art of selling goes back centuries and can be the difference between a company surviving or dying on the vine. Peter Day talks with author Philip Delves Broughton about how people often don't understand the basics of making a sale and how fundamentally important it is in all walks of life.

Tuesday 19 June: The Art of Monarchy (Part 4 of 4)

In the fourth and final programme in the BBC series The Art of Monarchy , Will  Gompertz looks beyond the British Isles to see the monarchy as a global force. Centuries ago, the Queen's predecessor and namesake Elizabeth I, presided over the very beginning of England's experiment in empire.

Wednesday 20 June: The Rise of Syriza

Syriza is a radical left wing party in Greece which is rapidly gaining popularity.  At the heart of Syriza's appeal is a simple policy: rejecting the EU bailout memorandum that has imposed sweeping austerity measures on Greece in return for IMF loans. The party's opponents say it's a high-stakes gamble that could see Greece forced out of the Euro. For Assignment, Chloe Hadjimatheou goes behind the scenes at Syriza's headquarters – where staff refer to each other as comrade – to watch as they prepare for what could be one of the most profound shifts in Greek political history.

Thursday 21 June: Is Science Fiction Coming to Africa?

In this BBC documentary Lauren Beukes, South African author and winner of the prestigious Arthur C. Clarke Award for Science Fiction in 2011 asks Is science fiction coming to Africa? Science fiction often explores the interaction between people and technology. In Africa that theme plays out in surprising ways, from making an appointment with a traditional healer over email, to women in remote villages collecting water while chatting on their mobiles. It’s this mix of magic and technology, challenge and innovation that shapes the science fiction coming out of the continent as told by the people who live there.