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Monday 9 July: Japanese Work Culture

Japan has a very strict corporate culture which has been in place since World War II. In the 1970s and 1980s when Japanese companies were world beaters and manufacturing processes like 'just in time' were revered across the world companies like Sony and Nissan became household names. The world has moved on but Japanese corporate culture has not. Peter Day looks at how some are trying to encourage change in corporate and working life.

Tuesday 10 July: Living on Death

They’re some of Zambia’s most courageous workers, quietly getting on with their job - a job which is shunned by most of their compatriots. In this programme we meet Mwanza and Kapemba, two mortuary attendants working in Lusaka. They reveal what their work entails, but also what it feels like to deal with the stigma they face. In Zambia, strong cultural beliefs mean that they are feared and avoided by family members and neighbours.

Wednesday 11 July: Russia - Waiting For Justice

Rebecca Kesby travels to Moscow to investigate allegations of corruption within Russia's criminal justice system. She finds a system where people can be held in prison for years without charge; where police are accused of receiving money to frame individuals and where judges are under intense pressure to convict.

Thursday 12 July: The Business of Personality (Part 1 of 2)

Lucy Ash asks if personality test are a journey of discovery in a two part BBC series. Around the globe, personality tests are increasingly being used in the office and one of the most popular is the Myers Briggs Personality Indicator or MBTI, which has been translated into over 20 languages. Proponents of personality tools, say understanding our differences and becoming more self aware leads to a more efficient, integrated work force.