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Monday 13 August: The Word on the Street

Fifty years ago, a young naïve pastor from rural Ohio, David Wilkerson, wrote a book about his experiences working with gang members in New York City, the book called The Cross And The Switchblade has been read by an estimated 50 million people and printed in 30 countries. Quite simply it is one of the most influential books for Christians ever written. In The Word On The Street, the Reverend Richard Coles investigates how the book has become such a phenomenon, helping criminals and drug addicts leave their destructive lives and turn to religion.

Tuesday 14 August: Just Add Cash (Part 1 of 2)

The hard lessons of the 20th Century have led many to believe that inflation is bad, yet it can also be a sign of a healthy economy. In the first of two prograrmmes "Just Add Cash", financial journalist and broadcaster Max Flint investigates the negatives of inflation using the lessons of history by revisiting its bad reputation, in different parts of the world.

Wednesday 15 August: Cold Turkey in Karachi

Karachi is facing a drugs epidemic. Pakistan's sprawling port city has an estimated half a million chronic heroin addicts. The drug is cheap and easily available as it comes across the Pakistan/Afghanistan border, before being shipped to Europe and the US. Mobeen Azhar finds out how a charity is trying to help addicts and their families.

Thursday 16 August: Southern Tracks (Part 2 of 4)

Southern Tracks is a look at the alternative side of the United Sates, a road trip through an overlooked part of the world's most powerful country. Small time musicians from the American South shine a light on ambition, failure and the nature of success. This series paints a portrait of the American South where a few decades ago anyone could make their mark on posterity by paying a few hundred dollars to produce a vinyl record. Writer and DJ Joe Fletcher has amassed thousands of these largely religious records.