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Monday 15 October: Face the Music

Public spending cuts are putting a big squeeze on orchestras all over the world. Peter Day hears how musicians are trying to find new ways of ensuring that the bands play on.

Tuesday 16 October: Cabinet of Animosities

The Museum of Broken Relationships in Croatia has one of the most unusual collections in the world. It exhibits objects left behind at the end of love affairs… shared belongings, mementos and gifts that are no longer wanted or are wanted too much. Cathy FitzGerald takes a tour of the Museum’s woebegone collection and meets the broken-hearted lovers who have donated objects from around the world.

Wednesday 17 October: Germany's Circumcision Row

A decision taken in June by a regional court in Germany has caused outrage amongst Jews and Muslims. The court ruled that circumcision for religious reasons - as practiced by Jews and Muslims - amounted to criminal assault.  In this BBC programme Steve Evans asks if the debate over circumcision is a matter of medicine, pure and simple - or an old-style attack on the Jewish faith - in Germany.

Thursday 18 October: Don't Log Off

Alan Dein attempts to cross the world on a late-night excursion via Facebook and Skype – discovering the real-life dramas behind the online profiles.