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Monday 22 October - Labour Day: Business Rethink

(Note this programme played at the earlier time of 5:12pm)

Banks in crisis, Europe on the edge, maybe Business needs to rethink its ways. Peter Day meets a few disruptive innovators.

Tuesday 23 October: Father of the Big Bang

William Crawley tells the surprising story of the Catholic priest behind one of the most important scientific theories of our time. Monsignor Georges Lemaître was both a great scientist and a deeply spiritual priest, and his work on cosmology continues to influence our best scientific accounts of the universe. He came up with the scientific notion of The Big Bang Theory, now one of the most recognisable scientific brands in the world

Wednesday 24 October: Michael O’Leary, Ryanair CEO

The aviation industry is in trouble. Fuel prices have soared, there’s been a drop in passenger numbers and some airlines have gone out of business, but in Europe there’s one airline which is bucking the trend. The low-cost, no-frills Ryanair carried almost 80 million passengers last year. Michael O’Leary is the pugnacious, outspoken Chief Executive of Ryanair who has ambitions to make his airline even bigger, but how far can he fly before he gets shot down? He talks to the BBC's Stephen Sackur in Dublin.

Thursday 25 October: The Nowhere Man

The man who overstayed his Indian visa and was stripped of his nationality and identity.  Twenty five years ago, Idrees, who hails from India, married a Pakistani woman and became a citizen of his wife's country. Thirteen years ago, he returned to India to take care of his ailing father. His father died and in the ensuing chaos, Idrees ended up overstaying his visa by several days. Thirteen years later, Idrees is still stranded in India, depending on charity in the northern city of Kanpur and out of touch with his family and four children who remain in the Pakistani port city of Karachi.