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Monday 29 October: Global Fashion - A Family Business

This week in Global Business, Peter Day is getting fashionable. He talks to three family-owned companies: one that is as famous for its campaigns as its brightly coloured sweaters; the second for its warm coats; and the third is hoping to achieve global brand status from its Colombian home.

Tuesday 30 October: History Lessons for China's New Leaders (Part 1 of 2)

In times of crisis, China's leaders - and their critics - turn to its long history for guidance  As a new generation of Chinese leaders prepares to take office, Carrie Gracie tells some of the most important stories from Chinese history, and what they say about China today. They're stories of conquest and love, manipulation and castration; of poets and emperors, concubines and drunks. Above all, they are stories of power - how to use it, and how to lose it.

Wednesday 31 October: Putin’s Favourite Monastery

The island monastery of Valaam in northern Russia is a beacon for orthodox believers and a favourite of President Putin. But all is not well with the island's inhabitants. Many resent the lavish lifestyles of some of the prominent clergy and complain that they face eviction by the church from land they thought was their home. With the recent convictions of the Pussy Riot protestors and a new law going through parliament outlawing blasphemy, Lucy Ash reports on the growing assertiveness of the church in Russia.

Thursday 1 November: Michael Jackson - The Thrill Of Thriller

The story of Michael Jackson’s African heritage and legacy on the 30th anniversary of his album Thriller. The story of Thriller is one that has been continually shared in developed counties through TV, radio and film. However, there is one small pocket of the planet that hasn’t had the chance to fully express its love of the music and the man, it’s the village of Krindjabo in Ivory Coast, where Michael Jackson is more than the King of Pop. He really is royalty, known as Prince Michael Jackson Amalaman Anoh, after DNA tests revealed the singer was descended from the royal Sanwi line.