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Monday 4 February: Gas Leak

Russia's giant energy company Gazprom has the biggest reserves of natural gas in the world, and much of the country's new-found prosperity has depended on its exports to Europe. But now global gas prices are tumbling as new supplies come on stream, and the EU has launched a top level investigation of the company's grip on European energy. Peter Day examines Gazprom's future in an uncertain world.

Tuesday 5 February: The Path to English

Bobby Friction talks to adults who are learning English from scratch in the UK. Many of them are immigrants or refugees from different communities and countries who arrive with little English and quickly have to adapt.

Wednesday 6 February: UK Roma Children in Care

The Roma are Europe’s biggest ethnic minority, and a substantial number of them have moved to Britain in recent years, taking advantage of the EU’s open borders to seek a better life. However, it’s emerged that a disproportionate number of their children end up in the care of local authorities, temporary foster parents, or sometimes put up for permanent adoption. The BBC’s Simon Cox travels to the north of England to meet some of the country’s biggest Roma communities to find out why.

Thursday 7 February: What If...Chicken Conquers the World (Part 2 of 2)

The second programme begins in Senegal where the BBC's Susie Emmett hears about the aspirational appetite for chicken. She also visits the development kitchen of a global poultry meat company for a taste of the chicken menu of the future, and witnesses the factory-scale kitchens in Northern Ireland, where a workforce of thousands kill and process 200 million birds a year. Emmett questions whether test tube or laboratory reared chicken could ever replace meat from birds.