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Monday 30 June 2014: Future for African Economy

The African Development Bank is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Donald Kaberuka has been president of the AfDB for the past decade and has been responsible for major changes in the bank’s strategy for development and poverty reduction. Donald Kaberuka talks to Peter Day about the key issues facing a continent with rapidly growing economies – including the critical importance of improving domestic trade links, tackling the image of corruption, Africa’s youth and the controversies of Chinese investment.

Tuesday 1 July 2014: Ageing and the Brain

Geoff Watts investigates the latest thinking about our brain power in old age. He meets researchers who argue that society has overly negative views of the mental abilities of the elderly – a dismal and fatalistic outlook which is not backed up by recent discoveries and theories. One new and controversial idea holds that cognitive decline is in fact a myth. A team in Germany, led by Michael Ramscar, argues that older people perform less well in intelligence and memory tests because they know so much more than younger subjects and not because their brains are deteriorating. Simply put, their larger stores of accumulated knowledge slow their performance. Their brains take longer to retrieve the answers from their richer memory stores.

Wednesday 2 July 2014: Spending and Saving #1 of 2

You have money to spend and you're going to spend it – or are you? Alvin Hall presents two programmes exploring the motivation behind people's actions with money. This first programme focuses on attitudes to spending and saving, Alvin discusses why some people who have plenty of cash choose to sit on a secret nest egg, rather than spend and make their life better. The presenter, who has spent decades exploring people's attitudes towards money, asks a range of people why they have made the spending decisions they have.

Thursday 3 July 2014: Over the Hill in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is the global hub for e-commerce and for much of the world's technological innovation. You might also call it the world's most successful micro-climate of free enterprise: investors in California's Bay Area seem to have a special knack for picking winners – from Microsoft and Apple to Facebook and Google. Yet rumblings are afoot, as critics point to a growing obsession with youth. To be successful, they say, you need to be fresh out of a college engineering degree, and a total workaholic. Those over 30 need not apply. So is Silicon Valley ageist?  For Assignment, the no longer totally youthful, Ed Butler has been to California to find out.