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Monday 8 June 2015: The Origins of War

Geoff Watts explores the question of whether war is in our nature or whether it is a behaviour we have chosen to adopt. War is a subject that was once dominated by sociologists and philosophers, but now it is being addressed by biologists and anthropologists who are trying to uncover the origins of war in the behaviour of two test groups - modern-day hunter-gatherer societies and our closest primate relatives, chimpanzees

Tuesday 9 June 2015: Soccer Nuns 

A documentary following the struggles of the Tibet women's soccer team. Ivan Broadhead joins the Snow Lionesses, as they begin the match of their lives: to achieve international recognition in the face of Chinese opposition, entrenched sexism in their own community and flagrant objection from FIFA, world football’s governing body.  Supported by a group of non-Tibetan coaches, Ivan follows the Snow Lionesses – 27 young refugees living in exile across India – as they endure the trials and tribulations of a month-long training camp in Uttarakhand State, supported by a group of non-Tibetan coaches.

Wednesday 10 June 2015: Writing a New South Africa #1 of 3

Johannesburg-based street poet 'Afurakan' Thabiso Mohare looks at South Africa two decades after the fall of apartheid, through the themes of younger writers in a three part series. Thabiso talks to new voices who are just making a name for themselves, and to those who are already established. What problems do they face? And how have conditions and opportunities changed for writers in the past two decades? In the first programme he's in Johannesburg talking with writers and poets about the changing cityscape and how the past impacts on the present in their work.

Thursday 11 June 2015: Wu Jianmin: Disputed islands

China has been accused by Washington of bullying its neighbours in the South China Sea over disputed territory there; Washington is seeking a new trade pact in Asia that excludes Beijing, whilst China is spending hundreds of billions in investment projects across Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America extending its economic power the world over. HARDtalk's Zeinab Badawi talks to one of China's most senior diplomats Ambassador Wu Jianmin. Is China the world's new superpower?