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Monday 21 September: Life Changers 3 - Anita Sengupta

Anita Sengupta was  still in her 20s, when she was put in charge of a team at JPL, Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. Her mission was to design and develop the supersonic parachute which helped put Nasa’s Curiosity Rover onto the surface of Mars in 2012. It was the most sophisticated lander ever built and the plan to get it safely down the surface of the red planet was little short of crazy. Kevin Fong talks to Anita about her work, her passion and about the lessons one must learn from failure as well as success in order to explore the unknown. She tells Kevin why Mars has revived Nasa’s fortunes and transformed how we think about our place in the Universe. (BBCWS)

Tuesday 22 September: Africa Surprising - Change and Innovation

In this second of two programmes, Hugh Sykes travels to Zanzibar, a semi-autonomous archepelago in Tanzania, where he reports on religious tensions at play. In South Africa he finds schools still overcrowded and under-equipped - a lingering shadow of the Apartheid education system...and a growing business elite with a taste for fine wines. He also reports on the increasing influence of China on the region. (BBCWS)

Wednesday 23 September: Time Noodles

In the West we are used to stand-up comics but in Japan they have sit-down comedy. Chie Kobayashi introduces the ancient story-telling art of Rakugo . Time Noodles is the title of a classic Rakugo tale based on two noodle-shop owners and their customers.   Kimie Oshima   is determined to translate and export this ancient art of laughter to English speaking audiences and poke fun at the stereotypical image of the humourless Japanese. Will she succeed? Or, is too much simply lost in translation? (BBCWS)

Thursday 24 September: Yemen’s Forgotten Wat

 More than 2000 civilians have been killed since a coalition led by Saudi Arabia began bombing Yemen.  BBC Foreign Correspondent  Gabriel Gatehouse looks at a humanitarian crisis and allegations of war crimes in Yemen. (BBCWS)