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Monday 7 December The Air That We Breathe

As car manufacturers’ reputations continue to be damaged by the revelation that they cheated emissions tests, Roland Pease tells the story of car exhaust gases and the technological methods of reducing their impact on us and the environment. Roland meets the chemists and respiratory doctors who discovered that burning diesel produces pollutants that are harmful to human health. He talks to researchers about the design of vehicle engines and how they can be improved to reduce pollution.

Tuesday 8 December  Young, Geeky and Black #1 of 3: Memphis 

Around the world the booming tech industries are a prime source of jobs, money, and cultural power. But they’re largely filled with white, middle-class males - at Twitter, Facebook and Google, fewer than 2% of workers are black. Over the course of three programmes, the Young, Geeky and Black series visits three cities around the world where black coders – and women in particular - are challenging that status quo.  We start in Memphis, Tennessee.  Presenter James Fletcher meets some of the girls involved in Black Girls Code and Code Crew, and their teachers and mentors who feel that coding and tech offer Memphis a path out of poverty.

Wednesday 9 December Changing Climate Change #3 of 3

The final part of Changing Climate Change focuses on the politics. Roger Harrabin asks whether politicians will strike a deal in Paris? So often climate conferences have ended in chaos and dispute but in the run up to Paris there has been something alien to climate talks - hope. Amongst all the tension, a remarkable number of governments have agreed plans to cut emissions. China and the USA appear to be walking hand in hand. The signs look good but do they add up to an agreement?

Thursday 10 December Female Truckers

There’s a global industry which is facing a major staffing crisis. Some countries in Europe, the US and the UK need tens of thousands of new recruits to plug their acute employment shortages. And yet half the people in the world don’t think it’s a job they can do. Women are now being urged to think about joining an industry which suffers from a huge image problem as one of the few last bastions of male dominated workforces. It’s the trucking industry and the BBC’s Caroline Bayley reports on some of the very few women truckers out there – including Pakistan’s very first and only female truck driver.