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Monday 14 December   Former CEO Barclays - Antony Jenkins

In his first interview since being ousted as chief executive of Barclays, Antony Jenkins talks to the BBC's business editor, Kamal Ahmed. He discusses the challenges he faced at the troubled bank as he sought to change the culture and behaviour of its staff. And he predicts a worrying future for the banking sector, which he says could see staffing levels halved as technology and financial start-ups transform the industry.


Tuesday 15 December    Young, Geeky and Black #2 of 3: Ghana

Like much of Africa, Ghana has a flourishing coding scene. What’s a little different is that here there’s a big emphasis on access for women and girls. In the second programme of our BBC series 'Young, Geeky and Black', we meet some of the organisations and individuals taking the initiative, teaching coding to everyone from young Muslim girls in Accra’s poorest neighbourhood to aspiring programmers looking to make games for an audience thirsty for African content.


Wednesday 16 December   Robert Jones: Free at last?'

Robert Jones was accused of a crime spree of rape, robbery and then the murder in 1992. Despite another man being convicted for the murder and being overwhelmingly linked to all the other crimes, Mr Jones was never released. His conviction has been described as one of the worst examples of a racially inspired miscarriage of justice in the US for decades.


Thursday 16 December   President Peter Mutharika of Malawi

Zeinab Badawi speaks to President Peter Mutharika of Malawi. By some measures Malawi is the world’s poorest country, with a list of problems ranging from poor nutrition and a crippling lack of electricity to international concerns about corruption in the political system. Despite relative peace and political stability, Malawi is struggling to make progress. So how much of its failures are down to bad government?