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Monday 8 February An Infinite Monkey's Guide to General Relativity #2 of 2

Brian Cox and Robin Ince explore the legacy of Einstein's great theory, and how a mathematical equation written 100 years ago seems to have predicted so accurately exactly how our universe works.  Brian and Robin head up the iconic Lovell telescope at Jodrell Bank to explore Einstein's theory in action, and talk to scientists who are still probing the mysteries hidden within General Relativity.

Tuesday 9 February The Truth About Diabetes #4 of 4

4. Mexico.  Mexicans are the world’s biggest consumers of fizzy drinks, many argue that Mexicans are quite simply addicted to them. They’re part of daily life. But Mexico’s government says it’s fighting back, and not long ago introduced the first-ever sugary drinks tax imposed at a national level. Katy Watson speaks to the ministers who proposed it, the companies who opposed it and the Mexicans who are dying of diabetes, and in some cases still enjoying their favourite sweetened drinks. A country known for its violence, diabetes is actually a bigger killer than Mexico’s drugs industry and the disease comes at huge financial cost to the country.

Wednesday 10 February Linda for Congress

The road to the White House requires stamina and plenty of money. Economist and US Citizen, Linda Yueh, makes a hypothetical run for Congress in the 5th district of Virgina, to find out why it costs so much money to run for office and the increasing importance of the internet in a campaign. On the way she gathers a campaign team, meets her voters and learns about the importance of pizza in politics.

Thursday 11 February Gaddafi and the Man with the Golden Gun

Gabriel Gatehouse returns to Libya in search of Colonel Gaddafi’s golden gun, which was seized by rebels when the dictator was captured and killed more than four years ago. . What has happened to the men who posed jubilantly with the pistol, believing it marked the end of the fighting. Gatehouse uncovers the stories of those associated with the weapon – one man is dead, another traumatised – in his search for what has become a symbol of an unfinished revolution.