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Monday 23 May   Benefits of Bi-lingualism #2

More than half the world speaks more than one language. New research is showing that being multilingual has some surprising advantages – it can help us keep healthier longer. Gaia Vince finds out how knowing many languages can protect our brains over our lifespan, and even stave off the appearance of some diseases, including dementia. (BBC)


Tuesday 24 May    Rebel Song Journey

On the last days of the civil war in Sri Lanka, in 2009, surviving in a bunker with what was left of his family, the only thing Santhan wanted to do was to sing. He lost his son and daughter in a shell attack. The other son was arrested. All was lost including his music. Santhan’s music was completely erased.  Priyath Liyanage tells Santhan's story - a story of the music that was lost and the tragic consequences of war. (BBC)


Wednesday 25 May   Check-mate Me in St Louis

David Edmonds tells the strange story of how a mid-western city in Missouri, United States, has become a world centre for the game of chess. St Louis is one of America's most segregated cities and has most recently been in the news for race riots which erupted when an unarmed black man was shot by police. Can the game of chess serve to lessen racial tension and unite its citizens across the board? (BBC)


Thursday 26 May  The Sprung Floor

The dancer, Dane Hurst, has bought a former Rambert Company dance floor -which is deep, protective, roll out vinyl -  to take back to his home in South Africa, for under-privileged kids to dance on.  Modern Dance is like a magic carpet. It transported young Dane out of the volatility, violence and poverty of his childhood in segregated Port Elizabeth, to life as a Rambert student and dancer in London. He believes it can transport other young people. (BBC)