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Monday 13 June Turnaround
How do you set a losing company back on the right track? Matthew Gwyther of the BBC  'Global Business' team speaks to leaders who've turned around businesses in financial difficulty and finds out how they did it, what inspired them and what lessons they can pass on.

Tuesday 14 June – Bones (2 of 2)
Since the early 1980’s, a ground-breaking Argentine forensics team known as the  EAAF, has  advised and taught other teams working across Latin America, to unearth the bones that provide clues to South America's 'disappeared'. Our  ‘Window on the World'  feature tonight  follows them to Colombia and the search for victims of the country's 50-year-long armed conflict. We also hear the voices of families looking for missing young students in Mexico.

Wednesday 15 June – Deobandis (2 of 2)
The BBC's former Pakistan correspondent Owen Bennett Jones continues his exploration of South Asia’s Deobandi Muslim movement. He heads across the border to Pakistan, where Deobandi ideology has provided spiritual guidance for both militant groups like the Taliban and a strictly non-violent missionary movement. So how can a single school of thought follow such different paths?

Thursday 16 June Bangladesh Shame
Lipika Pelham travels to a remote part of south eastern Bangladesh to report on claims of human rights abuses against indigenous inhabitants of the area. The Chittagong Hill Tracts are home to thirteen indigenous groups with the Chakma, Marma, Chak and Mro mostly practising Theravada Buddhism. Thousands were forced off their lands from the 1960s until the 1990s. An insurgency that started in the mid 1970s ended in a peace settlement in 1997 under which the army was supposed to withdraw but it continues to maintain a tight grip on the area. The resettlement of tens of thousands of Bengalis from other parts of the country has only added to tensions.