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Monday 12 September - Big Beer

Next month, the world’s largest beer maker, AB InBev is expected to take over the world’s second largest beer maker, SABMiller. If the plan goes ahead, together they will become the world's largest brewer, making about one out of every three beers around the world. But many, craft beer drinkers especially, do not like the idea of a single company making so much of our brew. The BBC’s Manuela Saragosa asks whether their concerns are valid - or whether it is all just froth.

Tuesday 13 September - Leaving the Fold

What does it take for someone to turn their back on their religious upbringing? What effect does that decision ultimately have on them and those around them? This programme explores the personal journeys of three people who walked away from their faiths and redefined their morality in a world without God.

Wednesday 14 September -  Torah and Tech in Israel

Israel has been called the 'Startup Nation', with a flourishing technology sector playing a big role in th e country’s economy. But one group who haven’t traditionally been involved are ultra-Orthodox Jews, known as Haredim.   Many men don’t work or serve in the army, spending their lives studying the Torah, subsidised by the government. It’s a way of life that leaves many Haredim in poverty, and other Israelis resenting picking up the tab.   David Baker travels to Israel to meet the new breed of high-tech Haredim, and find out how they reconcile taking part in the 'Startup Nation' with traditional Torah life.

Thursday 15 September - Blind Man Roams the Globe #1 of 3

1. Nairobi: When Peter White jets, sails or walks into a new city, it is the sounds, not the sights, which assail him. In this programme he explores Nairobi through the sounds of this African city. In Nairobi he finds a city struggling to reconcile expansion and commercialisation with the hit and miss access to disabled facilities and the worries about safety around the city. He is forced to navigate a strange environment without being able to see his way around: “Having been born blind, I’ve always travelled blind – and for me, sightseeing is more a case of ‘sound-hearing.”