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Monday 26 September - The New Sushi

It's widely agreed that bugs could be a sustainable source of protein for humans in the future, but large-scale production is very labour intensive. As the BBC’s Katy Watson discovers, in Mexico - where there is a long bug-eating tradition - the infrastructure required for a profitable bug industry is almost non-existent. In the US though, where the idea of having insects for lunch still turns most stomachs, some farmers are adding bugs to protein bars and crushing them into powder for health-conscious Californians. Some proponents say insects could be the new sushi. But are they right?

Tuesday 27 September - How to Win a Presidential Debate

Katty Kay has covered US presidential election campaigns and debates since 2004. She explores the business of preparing candidates for their make-or-break one-on-one confrontations. She considers how this year’s debates may differ from previous campaigns and whether the debates could decide who will be elected president in November. We hear about what debate preparation entails, from advisers and strategists who have taken part in previous debate preparation. We hear from those covering the current campaign explain the challenges Hillary Clinton faces in preparing to debate with Donald Trump.

Wednesday 28 September - Blind Man Roams the Globe #3 of 3

Rio de Janeiro: When Peter White jets, sails or walks into a new city, it is the sounds, not the sights, which assail him. He sets off to Rio on the eve of the Paralympics. In Rio he finds a city poised with excitement as the Paralympics are set to begin. Like some of the arriving athletes, he is forced to navigate a strange environment without being able to see his way around: “Having been born blind, I’ve always travelled blind – and for me, sightseeing is more a case of ‘sound-hearing.”

Thursday 29 September: 
Programme Replaced by Live coverage of the 2016 APRA Silver Scroll Award presentations.