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Monday 12 December - Origins of Human Culture

Homo sapiens have been around for only around 100 000 years and in that time we have utterly transformed the world around us. Gaia Vince finds out what has given us the cultural edge over other animals. This includes our closest relatives - the great apes - with whom we share over 95% of our genes.

Tuesday 13 December - Naija Sexual Desires

Bola Mosuro explores attitudes towards sex and sexuality in her country of origin, Nigeria. Talking openly about sex, desire and pleasure is still mostly a no-go area - especially if you are a woman. Today, however, women are breaking through religious and cultural barriers to claim equality in the bedroom. Bola travels to Lagos to talk to men and women of different generations and backgrounds about what they want out of their sexual relationships, and what they have grown up expecting and been told.

Wednesday 14 December

RNZ Programme replacement #8 of 8 My Heels Are Killing Me

Thursday 15 December - Cricket, Colour and Quotas in South Africa
Alex Capstick follows the stories of two young black cricketers in South Africa as they struggle to break through into the professional game. Since the end of apartheid sport has played a major role in easing racial tensions in South Africa, particularly in football and rugby. But across the piece black representation remains well below target in many sports at the national level. The South African sports minister is calling for quota systems to be more rigorously enforced. But critics argue that the government has not addressed the root cause of the problem which is chronic under investment in the townships where young black talent is found.