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Monday 19 December - The Food Chain

This programme looks at Foodbanks and asks why people struggle to feed themselves in wealthy societies.  Foodbanks have been running in America since the 1960s and were originally set up for emergencies. The BBC's Manuela Saragosa visits the Oasis Waterloo Foodbank in London to hear the stories of people who depend on donated food during times of hardship. She also looks at the different perspectives around food aid and charity - is it right to treat food banks as a political issue?

Tuesday 20 December - From Prison to Profit

The number of women in prison globally is rapidly increasing. Researchers at the World Prison Research Programme have calculated that since the year 2000, the female prison population has grown by 50%, compared with an 18% rise in male prisoners over the same period.  In this programme we hear from six women who are defying the odds and are united in their passion for business, enterprise and self-employment which has allowed them to turn their lives around on the outside.

Wednesday 21 December - Open Ear #1 of 4

A four part series called Open Ear featuring documentaries from producers across the world being rebroadcast by the BBC World Service. This episode first aired on Sveriges Radio in Swedish.  It's called Woman Found Dead by the Lake Shore.

Thursday 22 December - India's Silent Terror

Less than three years after India's Hindu nationalist government came to office, the country is gripped by a rising tide of extremism - from a stifling of free speech to brutal attacks on religious minorities, all in the name of radical Hinduism. Jill McGivering meets the people subjected to the extremism and goes out with one of the notorious "cow protection" patrols - armed Hindu vigilante groups who spread terror and assault those rumoured to eat beef or kill the cows which for Hindus are sacred.