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Monday 23 January - Sesame Open

There's a new light of hope in the Middle East. It's a scientific experiment called SESAME - intended to do world-class science and bring together researchers from divided nations. Its members include Palestine and Israel, Pakistan and Iran, Jordan, Egypt, and more. First conceived in the late 1990s, it has just seen the first spark of electricity flow through its high-vacuum steel pipes, last week, and first science should follow soon. The BBC’s Roland Pease paid his second visit to the SESAME campus just as the final pieces were being put in place, and met some of the key players, and heard their hopes.

Tuesday 24 January - Transforming Trains?

Work on HS2 is finally due to start next year. And those whose housing will be affected have dominated the headlines. But what will it mean for business? For some it seems a huge opportunity if high speed rail kick starts much broader regeneration. Other businesses face major challenges during construction, or fear they'll lose out when the new railway changes the way people work. And what does it all tell us about how the UK copes with major infrastructure? Maryam Moshiri visits Sheffield and north London to test business opinion.

Wednesday 25 January - Trump Tweet by Tweet

Will Donald Trump’s presidency be defined by one of the ways he is seen as winning over voters - by using Twitter to reach out over the heads of the “mainstream media’ - to motivate his core support, who turned out in numbers to defy the polls?  Katty Kay asks what do Trump’s Tweets tell us about the man as he prepares for his Inauguration, and will he continue to use what he has called his ‘beautiful” Twitter” account to tell the world what he’s thinking - and doing?

Thursday 26 January - Siege at the Holey Artisan Bakery

On the night of the 1 July 2016, five young Bangladeshi Islamist militants stormed a Dhaka restaurant popular with foreign residents and visitors. The siege at the Holey Artisan Bakery was an unprecedented attack in Bangladesh. Twenty-nine people lost their lives that night - the majority of them non-Bangladeshis, shot or butchered with machetes. But not everyone was killed. Linda Pressly together with local journalist, Morshed Ali Khan, tell the story of what happened inside the restaurant over 11 hours.