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Monday 20 February - The Plankton Problem
You've swallowed many of them throughout your life without realising, and some look like aliens: we look at plankton, the sea's smallest living creatures that have a big global impact. At the centre of the food web, and responsible for most of the air we breathe, these microscopic plants and animals are eaten by fish in our seas, which are eaten by bigger creatures, and eventually eaten by humans. But what happens when new problems hit these ancient critters, which have existed for millions of years? And how does it affect our health - and our plates?(BBC)

Tuesday 21 February - Living Water
In Living Water - Aboriginal people from language groups across Australia share their words, wisdom and concern for the future of that crucial resource, water. It’s embedded in identity, culture, spirituality and survival. In this, the driest inhabited continent on earth, understanding water has been essential for tens of thousands of years. Brad Moggridge, a Murri from the Kamilaroi Nation, is a hydrogeologist who’s passionate about promoting Aboriginal ecological knowledge and he links the traditional with a contemporary scientific take on water management.(BBC)

Wednesday 22 February - Hope Speaks Out
Hope Speaks Out is a documentary where refugees tell their stories without fear or favour. Refugee Radio Network, in the German city of Hamburg, is a project that is tapping the power of community radio stations and the internet to give voice to refugees from wherever they have come.The programme explores whether this innovative radio project can create better integration with German society and replace fear with hope.(BBC)

Thursday 23  February - Desperate for Meds in Egypt
Egypt has been in the grip of economic turmoil ever since November when the government decided to devalue the Egyptian pound following pressure from the International Monetary Fund. Almost overnight, imported goods doubled in price, and pharmaceutical drugs were among the most critically affected.(BBC)