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Monday 22 May - Quantum Supremacy
IBM is giving users worldwide the chance to use a quantum computer; Google is promising "quantum supremacy" by the end of the year; Microsoft's Station Q is working on the hardware and operating system for a machine that will outpace any conventional computer. Roland Pease meets some of the experts, and explores the technology behind the next information revolution  .(BBC)

Tuesday 23 May -  Elephants, Politics and Sri Lanka
Every year elephants kill dozens of people in Sri Lanka and hundreds of these huge mammals are slaughtered – often by farmers attempting to protect their land.  The BBC's  Linda Pressly examines if and how villagers and elephants can live together.(BBC)

Wednesday 24 May - The Real Value of a Cup of Tea
Coffee addict Dan Saladino sets out to understand what a cul of tea is really worth from the stories of tea lickers to the tea tasters and traders.(BBC)

Thursday 25 May - Robots: History of the Rise of the Robots  (Part 1 of 3)
The idea of robots  goes back to the Ancient Greeks. In myths Hephaestus, the god of fire, created robots to assist in his workshop. In the medieval period the wealthy showed off their automata, and  In France in the 15th century a Duke of Burgundy had his chateau filled with automata that played practical tricks on his guests. The word robot first appears in a 1921 play, Rossum's Universal Robots, by Czech author Carel Chapek. Drawing on examples from fact and fiction, Adam Rutherford explores the role of robots in past societies and discovers they were nearly always made in our image, and inspired both fear and wonder in their audiences(BBC)