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Monday 12 Jun  - World Book Café: Berlin
Recorded in St George’s Bookshop in Berlin in front of an eager book loving audience, the BBC's Damien McGuinness and his guests ask what makes this city's bookish hearts beat and why has it been such a haven for writers over many years.(BBC)

Tuesday 13 Jun  - Recycling Beirut
In 2015 the Lebanese capital Beirut found itself overwhelmed by reeking garbage – its streets piled high with rubbish bags – after politicians closed down the country’s main landfill site. The crisis brought thousands of angry protesters onto the streets, supporting a grassroots anti-government movement called You Stink. And, although the authorities eventually came up with a stop-gap solution, the crisis rumbles on to this day. However, while the trash mounts up, a number of local activists have taken matters into their own hands – trying to solve the rubbish problem by getting fellow residents to recycle their trash, a rarity in Lebanon so far. Nidale Abou Mrad tells the story of the ordinary citizens taking pride in once troubled neighbourhoods, and stepping in to solve a crisis where their leaders have been found wanting.(BBC)

Thursday 15 Jun  - Much Ado About Michelin
For many chefs winning a Michelin star, or two or three, is often considered the pinnacle of their career. It could put them on the path to money and fame. But some critics claim not all stars are equal- and in an industry where receiving one could mean the difference between profit and loss, the stakes are high. The BBC's Food Chain takes a closer look at the Michelin guide and how two brothers made the name of their tyre business synonymous with the highest quality food in the world. Why do some chefs view earning a Michelin star as a curse, and others as a celebration?(BBC)