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Monday  13 November - Contain Yourself
Does your favourite drink taste better from a bottle, cup or can? Are foods enhanced by particular plates, or packaging? Or is it all in your head?  Emily Thomas is joined by materials specialist Ellie Doney and food psychologist Charles Spence to find out exactly how the containers we eat and drink from can change the way food taste (BBC)

Tuesday  14 November  -  The Last Kamikazes
Mariko Oi tells the story of the Japan’s World War Two suicide bombers. And she interviews two of the last surviving men to have been trained to fly their planes straight into enemy ships, as she tries to explain how a whole nation apparently embraced a culture of nationalist extremism, encompassing suicide for the sake of the homeland. . (BBC)

Thursday 16November  -  Paradise Papers
The massive leak of financial data known as the 'Paradise Papers' has revealed how multinational companies drain vital tax revenues from countries in the developing world.  In our Window on The World' at 8:30 the BCC's David Grossman focuses on Namibia’s fishing industry. The documents reveal how one of the world’s biggest fishing companies shifted some of its profits away from Namibia into the tiny tax haven of Mauritius. (BBC)