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Monday  4 December  - The 'Disneyland' of Food
Italian food is known and loved across the world, but much of what is consumed doesn't actually come from Italy. Could what some are calling 'the Disneyland of food', be the answer to increasing understanding and boosting exports? Emily Thomas takes a trip around FICO Eataly World in Bologna - a huge shopping park and speaks to the people behind the project, and visits local producers in Bologna. (BBC)


Tuesday  5 December  - Stockfish
Ever since the Vikings, Norwegians have exported stockfish, cod that has been dried on huge wooden frames out in the cold, crisp winter air. Dry as a tree bark but rich in protein and low in fat, it has been the perfect travelling - and trading companion. But why is Nigeria  the top destination for exported stockfish?  We - seeks some answers (BBC)


Thursday 7 December  - Pride, Passion and Palestinian Horses
In the West Bank hundreds of families share a passion for breeding horses. Amid the narrow streets and cramped apartment buildings small stables can be found with owners grooming beautiful Arabian colts and fillies. These new breeders are now making their mark at Israeli horse shows where competition to produce the best in breed is intense. As Palestinian and Israeli owners mingle on the show ground, political differences are put to one side as they share a passion for the Arabian horse. Linda Pressly follows one Palestinian owner and his colt as they navigate their way through Israeli checkpoints to the next big event in the Israeli Kibbutz of Alonim. Winning best in show is the plan but will they even get there? (BBC)