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Monday 2 April  - Telling Tales #2
The retelling of an ancient story from the African Islands of Zanzibar. It is a tale packed with intrigue and death defying ingenuity in which a young wife has to use her determination and magical powers to save her own life and persuade her husband of the error of his ways. And in the light of this story, we also hear from modern day Zanzibaris, who reflect on love and marriage, then and now, and share their own personal experiences. (BBC)

Tuesday 3 April - Skiing Mount Lebanon
Karl Sharro experiences the Middle East from the unique perspective of a Lebanese ski resort, an eye in the hurricane of the surrounding conflicts. Here, different nationalities and religions escape the politics and differences to enjoy a shared passion – winter sports – in mountainous regions that are laden with sacred symbolism for the Lebanese. (BBC)
Wednesday 4 April - A Poisonous Business
Food poisoning meets economics in this episode of the Food Chain. And it's a toxic mix. Emily Thomas explores how an outbreak can bring down a company, badly damage an industry and shine a light on social and economic inequalities and our globalising food system. (BBC)
Thursday 5 April -  Martin Luther King Jr + 50: America after his Dream
Martin Luther King Jr 50: America after his Dream
Fifty years on from the assassination of  Martin Luther King Junior, we go to Dr King’s home city of Atlanta, where the award winning radio presenter Rose Holmes Scott speaks to Atlanta's citizens about his legacy, and we hear  the artists working to keep the spirit of Dr King and his dream alive. (BBC)