Technology to allow for smoother parking in capital

12:44 pm on 9 December 2015

Wellington is pressing ahead with smart parking technology that will alert parking wardens the moment a motorist's time runs out.

Called 'pay and walk away' - the system allows people to use their smartphones to pay for parking and top up remotely.

Wellington City Council's transport and urban development committee chairman Andy Foster said people would still be given a grace period of six minutes.

"One of the other things that it potentially allows us to do is to allow people to say 'look I've almost finished the meeting or the engagements I've got I actually want to stay beyond the two hours' and to allow a premium to be paid for that extra time and that's something which Auckland city at the moment is doing but I don't think with this technology."

Andy Foster said the number of parking wardens may reduce in future.

The technology will also make it easier for people to find available parking going online or using their smartphones.