18 Jan 2016

Heavy traffic for programme crashes RNZ's site

9:05 pm on 18 January 2016

It's a good problem to have but has still given us a headache.

The new Checkpoint with John Campbell today saw an unprecedented surge in new traffic to the rnz.co.nz site, resulting in it crashing at times.

Glen Scanlon, RNZ's head of digital, said while there had been strong traffic through the day it surged around the time the programme started.

"While we had anticipated a jump it was beyond our expectations.

"It forced our applications in the background to work a lot harder. Effectively, we had a situation where the number of requests to load the site increased more than 10-fold.

"We made some changes during the programme to lessen the load on the site but we have got a bit more work to do tomorrow.

"It's a good problem to have but one we would have liked to avoid, especially given the level of excitement and interest."

For those unable to access the site there are other ways to watch and listen - either by tuning in to 101FM or watching it live from our YouTube channel.