6 Apr 2016

Call for legal claims on faulty hip device

11:21 am on 6 April 2016

Up to 500 people fitted with a faulty hip device have until mid-September to make claims, a law firm says.

A global recall was issued for ASR metal-on-metal devices in 2012, but about 500 New Zealanders had already had surgery to have the devices fitted.

A spokesperson for Law firm Meredith Connell said anyone wanting to make a claim had until mid September to act before ACC decided on its obligations in the case.

There were currently 26 claimants seeking compensation for damages.

Claims included bodily injury from metal poisoning, financial losses, cost of care, and in some cases, permanent disabilities.

About 1700 Australians fitted with the same faulty device won a long-running court case last week, sharing $250 million in compensation.