3 May 2016

Diesel spill at Navy base in Devonport, Auckland

3:40 pm on 3 May 2016

A diesel spill at the Navy's main base at Devonport, Auckland, has turned out to be far less than the 30,000 litres it was initially feared to be.

A Defence Force spokesperson said it had identified a faulty pipe in a storage tank as being the cause of the diesel spill.

It was initially feared up to 30,000 litres - the size of the storage tank - may have been lost, but it was now believed less than 100 litres had leaked.

An Auckland Council spokesperson confirmed the fuel had spilled on an area of scoria and did not appear to have spread any further.

A Defence Force spokesperson said it was still getting rid of the leaked diesel.

The council would not be taking any further action at this stage, a spokesperson said.

It was thought none of the fuel had gone into the water or made it to the shoreline.