5 May 2016

Napier reverend stood down over historical affairs

9:34 pm on 5 May 2016

An Anglican priest who had two affairs 25 years ago has been stood down from his position as Dean of the Napier Cathedral.

In a statement, the Anglican Church said Reverend Michael Godfrey was removed from his position for a historical matter that, while not illegal, breached the Church's rules.

Mr Godfrey told RNZ News he had two separate extramarital affairs in a 10-day period while working in Australia in 1991.

He admitted it was wrong but said he had told his immediate superior in the Church when he moved back to New Zealand shortly after.

He has since divorced and remarried.

Mr Godfrey said the matter arose during the Australian Royal Commission into Church sex abuse, but it was dismissed by them as immoral but not illegal.

He says the women were consenting adults.