31 May 2016

Wellington launches wider smoking bans

1:37 pm on 31 May 2016

Smokers in the capital will find fewer places to light up under a new Smokefree Action plan launched by Wellington City Council.

The council was supporting the government's target of being smokefree by 2025.

Under the plan, smokefree areas would be extended to include bus stops, civic squares, botanic gardens and around entrances to recreation and community centres.

Mayor Celia Wade-Brown said the aim was to support smokers to give up.

"We hope that it will empower other Wellingtonians who are standing perhaps in a bus stop to say 'excuse me you're not really meant to smoke here', so it will rely on us wanting us all to be smoke free."

Ms Wade-Brown said the council was taking steps to stop smoking in outdoor cafe areas on public land or footpaths.

She said she would like to see Wellington become the first smokefree capital in the world.