6 Mar 2012

China's domestic focus could benefit NZ exporters

10:07 pm on 6 March 2012

China's decision to pursue greater levels of domestically-driven growth could boost New Zealand services exports there, an investment specialist in Beijing believes.

China has signalled it is less willing to rely on exports to the West for economic growth in 2012.

Wigram Capital Advisors says exporters of services could benefit from a more consumerist China, particularly in underdeveloped areas such as care of the elderly and education.

Guergana Guermanoff, a Beijing-based adviser to the company, says the Chinese leadership is keen to adopt Western models in both areas.

Several New Zealand rest home operators have travelled to the Chinese capital for talks with local authorities.

Meanwhile, continued attempts to tackle China's overheated property market could affect demand for logs.

However, Auckland-based exporter Rayonier says it applauds attempts to bolster long-term confidence in the Chinese housing market.