13 Apr 2012

Trade Me in international retail deal

7:12 pm on 13 April 2012

TradeMe has signed a deal with a software company which will enable global retailers to sell their products directly through the auction website.

Channel Advisor currently helps more than 3000 retailers worldwide to sell their products online and the first products from Australia will go on Trade Me in time for Christmas.

Most of the retailers will initially be from Australia, with other international companies later also providing products.

Trade Me chief executive John Macdonald, says the deal will help Trade Me achieve its goal of selling more new products through its website, and will also boost its revenue.

"We hope to provide a better range of branded goods, and for ourselves, it's a way to grow our business and to grow our sales of new goods," Mr Macdonald said.

Trade Me shares rose 4 cents to $3.47 on Friday