8 Aug 2012

Bladder cancer test receives favourable scientific review

10:00 am on 8 August 2012

The biomedical firm Pacific Edge says a favourable scientific review of its test to detect bladder cancer should quicken its adoption by doctors in the world's largest healthcare market.

The Dunedin-based company says a peer-reviewed study for the American Journal of Urology found its CXBladder test has the ability to detect nearly all tumours that concern urologists.

Chief executive David Darling says the journal reaches an estimated 18,000 urologists in the United States alone, and the study vindicates the company's non-invasive test.

He says urologists have to be very careful about how they adopt new technology and need to have a lot of confidence that it is consistent in its performance and sees the tumours it needs to see.

Mr Darling says it's essential that they catch late-stage high-grade tumours - "so this provides a tremendous opportunity for clinicians to add a really accurate tool to their armoury for detection and management of cancer".

He says the adoption cycle for these types of technologies is quite long, but a publication of this type eases the path.

Mr Darling says the company is hoping for a steady uptake of its technology over the next couple of years and the US potential is huge.

The company is building a new lab capable of processing 260,000 tests a year in the US, which should be up and running next year.