16 Oct 2012

NZ Blood Service hopes to boost donor numbers

7:56 am on 16 October 2012

The New Zealand Blood Service is hoping to involve more businesses and other organisations, in order to boost the number of donors.

Spokesman Paul Hayes says a new programme, Partners for Life, aims to allow firms to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility, without having to make any financial contribution, and makes it easier for the Blood Service to recruit donors.

Westpac Bank, with more than 5000 potential donors, has joined up and Mr Hayes hopes to sign up another couple of corporates by the end of the year.

"There's a lot of businesses looking for ways they can engage with their community and quite often it's people asking them for sponsorship, for money.

"What we're really looking for is just a contribution of time of their staff".

Mr Hayes says he's aware that 'time is money', but signing up to the Blood Service programme is a lifesaving contribution organisations can make to their community which can also help team building within the company.