20 Dec 2012

UBS fined for rigging Libor interest rate

11:03 am on 20 December 2012

Swiss bank UBS has agreed to pay $US1.5 billion to regulators in the United States, Britain and Switzerland for manipulating the key Libor interest rate.

Dozens of traders illegally rigged the rate, which determines how much banks pay each other to borrow money, the BBC reports.

The bank also admitted to manipulating Euribor and Tibor - the equivalent interest rates set by lenders in the eurozone and in Tokyo, the BBC reports.

UBS is the second major bank to be fined over Libor; earlier this year, Barclays was ordered to pay $US450 million to UK and US authorities.

It is the second-largest set of fines imposed on a bank to date, after the $US1.9 billion HSBC agreed to pay US authorities earlier this month to settle allegations of money-laundering.