23 Feb 2013

Australia debates best broadband technology

8:32 am on 23 February 2013

The head of the Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN) wants an industry study to determine the best way to build the country's high-speed internet project.

The ABC reports construction has been underway on the NBN for more than two years but there is still debate over which technology should be used.

The NBN Co is using 'fibre to the premises' technology, which goes all the way to a home, to build most of the network.

But the Coalition wants to use 'fibre to the node'. It says this method is faster and cheaper, but it will come with slower speeds.

NBN boss Mike Quigley is trying to bring an end to the debate in the lead up to the federal election.

He says he supports a proposed study by the Communications Alliance into the pros and cons of a range of technologies to see which is best.

Mr Quigley says his support for the study does not mean he does not fully support the NBN. "Having an open debate can only be a good thing for the country," he told the broadcaster.