4 May 2013

GFNZ set to survive to end of moratorium

9:45 pm on 4 May 2013

GFNZ, formerly Geneva Finance, now looks set to survive to the end of its moratorium agreement with investors in March 2015.

The company says it has made changes to its business model and its credit rating has improved to double C, though it believes it's worthy of a better rate than that.

It says it has had good support for the prospectus it issued in February, with a steady level of investment coming through - something more than $1 million, says managing director David O'Connell.

After it pays the $4.9 million due 30 September early on 8 May, GFNZ will have just three more payments to go before it has refunded its investors all the $32.4 million owing when the moratorium began in November 2007.

Mr O'Connell says his company's track record of keeping its promises is now paying off in renewed investor confidence.

He says whenever the company makes a payment he gets three to five unsolicited letters and five to 10 unsolicited phone calls from investors saying thank-you.

"So I learnt there is a real groundswell out there of people who do appreciate what we've done and we've just got to keep on doing it."

About the only other finance company that hit the rocks in 2007 which has managed to survive is Dorchester Pacific.