27 May 2013

Sanford seeks to educate about orange roughy

7:04 am on 27 May 2013

Sanford says it is trying to re-educate American consumers about the sustainability of New Zealand's orange roughy fish.

Managing director Eric Barratt says the prices have fallen in recent times as a result of some American retailers having concerns about the sustainability of the fish.

But he says the species is being sustainably fished under New Zealand's quota management system, and efforts are being made to make this clear.

Sanford's half year profits for the six months to March, rose 5.5% to just over $14 million.

Gross earnings for the same period, fell more than 8% to $27 million, due to the strong New Zealand dollar.

Mr Barratt said it's a good result, given that margins were squeezed by the strong New Zealand dollar.

Sanford is expecting its second half profits to be similar to the first.