1 Aug 2013

SFO expects software to make investigations more efficient

8:19 am on 1 August 2013

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) says a computer programme purchased from the New Zealand software developer Wynyard will make its investigations more efficient.

The SFO says Wynyard's Investigator product will increase the effectiveness of its enquiries by helping it to manage complex data.

Wynyard says it specialises in software for protecting companies and countries from threat, crime and corruption.

SFO acting chief executive Simon McArley says the software will make combining data and reports easier, potentially allowing the SFO to keep all the information relating to a particular investigation in one place.

Mr McArley says that will give the office more efficient access to the information and enable it to better report on those investigations.

He says the SFO has to deal with a large volume of both paper-based and electronic documentation, some of which comes into the office and some of which is created there.

"Being able to keep all of those in one place and track their creation and link them together, which the software can do, will make our investigations much more efficient."

Mr McArley says hopefully it will free up more time to work on the operational side of investigations rather than on the management and reporting of it.

He says the police are also adopting the Wynyard software.